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Favorite ThisOxossi brings Morbid Impulses to Deep, Dark & Dangerous

Published: December 8, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Oxossi - Morbid Impulses

The dubstep world knows the name Oxossi very well. A fixture on the Deep, Dark & Dangerous label, as well as a prolific producer with a hefty back catalogue that is well worth discovering, the master is back with more vinyl incoming.

Oxossi returns to DDD with Morbid Impulses, a four-track EP with a bonus digital-only cut that blends deep dubstep flavors with more expansive composition and aesthetic qualities. Where the title track veers into stomach-turning quotes about serial killers with a penchant for taxidermy, “Sosa” veers into more classic movie fare with some absolutely killer technique. The sleigh bells make this cut seem almost Christmas-y despite the haunting undertones and bleak subject matter.

There's no one better than Oxossi, any fan will tell you that, so I barely have to do any work in convincing fans to jump on this 12" vinyl from the DDD crew.

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Tags: Dubstep