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Favorite ThisOutKast - Bombs Over Baghdad (David Starfire Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: April 18, 2014
By: Chelsea Bray

With the excitement around Coachella and OutKast’s reunion for their summer tour, David Starfire takes on “Bombs over Baghdad,” an OutKast classic. Just to give you taste of what’s brewing out there in the desert, here's a throwback that allows for a trap overload, showing you just what Starfire can do. While still keeping a swaggy beat, his addition of drums and sitar-sounding guitar playing gives you a glimpse into your future summer—bass heavy, but still an easy vibe. The best way to describe his style, if you’ve never listened, is self explanatory in his album, Bollywood Bass. And four years after that, this “B.O.B” remix is no different. With a sound sort of like Buku meets Major Lazer, David Starfire is gearing us up for summer. I would like to see you try and not play this, because it’s going to be everywhere.