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Favorite ThisOtt forges new psybient frontiers with Fairchildren [OUT NOW]

Published: August 17, 2015

By: Sterling Martin

Few artists have put in enough work to be considered a true “pioneer” of dance music, and even fewer have managed to do so in the magnitude that English producer Ott has for over a decade. Self-released through Ottsonic via Bandcamp, his latest album Fairchildren gives listeners a refreshing taste of dub and trip-hop infused beats, all while delving into his signature transient-world sounds.

The album begins slow and steady, never straying far from its ambient overtones. It isn’t until about the third song, “Coursing Batch,” that you notice your head bumping and nodding consistently to the groove.

Similar to earlier releases, the entirety of Fairchildren is sonically cohesive—using effortless transitions and turning points that make it seem like a singular experience, rather than several distinct songs and emotions. “Harwell Dekatron,” although a slower, mid-tempo track, incorporates whirling synths and experimental, abstract sounds that make for a fun listen, regardless of the situation.

As the release progresses toward the end, there are several tracks that avert to the more “old-school,” signature Ott style. Tracks like “Hello, My Name Is…” and “The Bicycle of The Sky” seemingly span the entire globe, blending tribal, reggae and eastern elements to complete the piece of art that is Fairchildren.

You don’t need an excuse to travel anymore, because Fairchildren does just that—takes you around the world and gives you an irregular heartbeat, while giving you a reason to be unexplainably happy. But if you do want to get some travel in, make sure to catch Ott on his nationwide tour alongside Plantrae.

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