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Favorite ThisOh Tebins: Sleep Helmet EP

Published: October 11, 2012
By: Molly Gale

This Tucson-based producer is no stranger to the Simplify Recordings roster, and with this subtle but powerful EP, Sleep Helmet, Kevin Speltz aka Oh Tebins! explores his uniquely spacey style of drumstep in a beautiful way.

The title trackstarts out lightweight with ethereal vocals soaring while a percussive beat builds underneath.  The heavy chopping of the drop wakes the audience and settles into a funky mesh of the ambient, hazy intro, and the hefty bass line.  This track absolutely sets the tone for the rest of the album—painting a soft, edgy soundscape upon which Speltz flourishes.

The delicately melodic “Back Fat Donor” is up next, full of spacey vocals and feel-good bass grooves that keep this song upbeat and almost whimsical.  It maintains an easy-going feel, even through the heavyweight droning bass line.

“Cursive on the Phone” rounds out this album with more of the perfectly affected vocal samples that we’ve grown to expect from Oh Tebins!  Haunting and mysterious, Speltz pulls the audience into the palm of his hand and surprises with a heavy drop.  This track gains some movement and bounce to build into an upbeat, optimistic end to this spacy album.

Each track on this album is surrealistic and riveting.  This downtempo exploration is an exciting new evolution of sound for Oh Tebins! We’re definitely excited to see where it takes him.

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip Hop