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Favorite ThisOh Losha hopes you know your 'ABC'

Published: October 23, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Oh LoshaIf you like what you hear today, you can thank the man Dan Winston a.k.a. Danny Grooves for hooking it up.

He linked me with Oh Losha, the project from Aleksey Rayevskiy out Jonesboro, Arkansas. He's Russian-born, but now as American as apple pie, and runs Animated Audio out of Jonesboro and Memphis. Sound design is his main passion, and you can hear it in his newest collection of tunes.

Aleksey's forthcoming EP, Distorted Details, is out October 30 (just in time for Halloween), and there's nothing spookier than a Speak-n-Spell. It might be a relic from a bygone generation for the younger folks out there, but us older Millenials know it as a go-to vehicle for horror tropes, especially when it comes to child endangerment.

That being said, the Speak-n-Spell serves as the backbone for “ABC,” which is an absolutely bangin' Oh Losha tune, and the best part about it is that I already know all the lyrics!

Tags: Dubstep