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Favorite ThisOf Porcelain - The Witching Hour (Ooah)

Published: June 8, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Josh Mayer aka Ooah aka Of Porcelain aka one half of PANTyRAiD aka one third of The Glitch Mob is no stranger to the dance music scene.

The veteran producer based out of Los Angeles is a master of his craft, and continues to improve with every release he drops on his fans. Mayer is known for producing an incredibly diverse sound, which is seen through his uncanny ability to release unique and mesmerizing tunes from a slew of different projects. Whether he is unleashing dance worthy anthems with MartyParty under their PANTyRAiD moniker, or unloading earth rattling cuts with eDIT and Boreta on tracks released by The Glitch Mob, it is clear that he can really do anything.

With his latest release via the Of Porcelain moniker, we witness Mayer dropping off a tasty little treat for getting his Ooah Facebook page to over 20,000 likes.

“The Witching Hour” is a menacing track that strikes immediately with creepy synth lines, which will instantly captivate the mind of anyone tuned in and have them floating throughout the screen of a horror movie. Each note hits with passion and a ubiquitous energy that can’t be denied, as the track slowly builds off itself to create a unique experience that is so much more than just a song. Remarkable drum claps slowly pave their way throughout tenacious piano chords, which together combine to establish a volatile sound that is unlike anything we have heard from Mayer in the past.

“The Witching Hour” is a breathtaking track that is sure to excite any fan of Ooah as he continues to pursue his Of Porcelain project. Be sure to keep an eye out for his second release under this name, which will be called Dreaming To Live.