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Favorite ThisOblivion: Dead In Space EP Preview

Published: April 27, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

In today’s bass culture, incredibly talented producers are popping up with increasing frequency. Even fans of the scene avidly finding new artists will have a couple slip under their radar.
There is a slight chance this might have happened with James Vander (Oblivion). The Minneapolis producer is a beast when is comes to unleashing finely tuned bass lines that were crafted with the intention of smashing his live sets. His in-your-face drops feature a steady balance of relentless dub hits, which combine flawlessly with an armada of groovy synths that together create a simultaneously melodic and cataclysmic sound. This can be heard on his mouth-watering originals like “Drunkstep” and “Bass Freq,” along with essential switch ups of well-known artists like Deadmau5, Lily Allen, and Kreayshawn.
On his most recent EP, Dead in Space, released via Doom Music, Vander puts all his production capabilities into one massive melting pot and brings his fans a remarkable release will have them going all out from the second these songs drop.

Free Download of “Bomberman Fights Back” at:

Opening up the release is the bass heavy track “Bomberman Fights Back,” which is a riotous track that will immediately incite eminent chaos with its terror storm of ubiquitous synth lines and overall ominous aura. This track will transport any listeners mind inside the screen of their favorite video game, and have them instantly achieving a new high score.

“Buried Alive” is a tantalizing drum and bass banger that will quickly captivate anyone tuned in with its spooky vocal samples, which layer perfectly over an unlimited supply of remarkable dub slaps and adrenaline boosting high hats.

Closing up the EP is “The Forcefield,” which contains a slew of ground breaking synths that fit perfectly with the tracks grimy atmosphere and aesthetically pleasing aura. It is a rampant cut that will wake up any crowd and have partying with a tenacious supply of energy till the night comes to an end.
Oblivion proves once again that he is ready to kick ass and take names via his out of this world musical vibrations that are like a dubstep orchestra infused with heavy metal. 

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