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Favorite ThisOATS x beardthug collab on 'Down With it' for ThazDope Records

Published: February 8, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

beardthugA secret Canadian duo, and a pair o' knuckleheads from the northeast—what intrigue! Unknown act OATS bursts onto the scene with a beardthug collab. Of course Mallek Saleh and Seamus Southern are well known to us, but OATS will remain a mystery for the time being. What's not a mystery is how good their new track, “Down With It” is.

Out now as a free download on ThazDope Records, “Down With It” opens with some eastern-tinged melodies before dropping into an all-out panic. Glitchy and frenetic, the wild energy is contagious as it spreads throughout the track. A perfect follow up to beardthug's You Won't Like This EP, we're noticing a trend from these two that leads us to believe they're getting ever further out there with their tunes.

Come catch beardthug back at The Untz Festival alongside Eazybaked, Frequent, Brightside, Prophet, and more from June 1-3 in Mariposa, California.

Tags: Dubstep