Favorite ThisNovascope mixes rock with trap in his Silver Linings EP

Published: April 17, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

NovascopeFor Mitchell Naftal, there don't seem to be any genre restrictions. A lot of producers like to write that in their bios, but tend not to stray too far at all from their sonic comfort zone. The same cannot be said about the new Novascope EP, Silver Linings, which unapologetically spins all of Naftal's varied influences in a digital blender until pure gold drips out.

Or is it silver?

Opener "Begin Again" mixes 80's synths with 70's Jerry Garcia envelope filter, before dropping into a totally rocking rhythm. Naftal fearlessly blasts the EP open with his own vocals, ably down with no sign of weakness. The use of vocals throughout the song collection is quite admirable.

"Worlds Away" is eerily reminiscent of a Bassnectar anthem, complete with bright female vocals, and some super melodic breakdowns. Not sure if that was Novascope's intention, but he nailed it. The rapped verse leads right into the chorus.

Novascope nails trap with "Born To Lose," without falling into too many of the genre's tired tropes. Naftal keeps it fresh by adding some interesting elements I can't even truly put my finger on.

To me, the standout track on the EP is easily "Take The Stairs," which is a totally avant garde take on drum & bass. Dissonant, anxiety-ridden chords are splayed over this classic drum and bass line, and the wild sounds are totally beautiful in their cacophony.

What we're getting with the Silver Linings EP is a true artist throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks. There's nothing slick or over-produced about this album. It's not even calculating. It's honest and refreshing, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Novascope.

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