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Favorite ThisNotLo has an 'Alert!' for all of us

Published: October 16, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

NotLö - Alert!We're going at a pretty good clip with NotLö these days. About every three months, we premiere a new bop from Alex Mantekas, which means we knocked out “Lunatic” back in April, “From Above” in July, and now she returns with “Alert!

Mantekas has an ultra-wubby sound courtesy of some low rolling oscillators and a penchant for hi-hats that rattle. Her streams have been going off since quarantine shut the industry down, and now that shows are creeping back into being, she's become one of the most popular Denver acts to lock up. Her homies at Meat Yogurt are supporting this latest single, and I gotta say the art and video match the intensity of the tune.

Speaking of shows, NotLö joins the Deep, Dark & Dangerous takeover at ReVibe in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina over Halloween weekend. The vertical festival hotel party bodes well for Mantekas' chances of doing some more DDD things in the future. The lineup is stacked with bass talent (literally stacked since it's a vertical festival playing to stacks of balconies), and NotLö's placement on the lineup tells us we're not the only ones in the industry betting on her.

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Tags: Dubstep