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Favorite ThisNoisestorm - Together

Published: March 21, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Eoin O' Broin is making his debut on Fresh Beatz, but the storm has been brewing for a while, now. Was that intentional pun, why yes? Monstercat's latest wunderkind Noisestorm threw down the gauntlet for the rest of the label with the pristine "Together," less than 24 hours ago. This monster composition has everything the label's fans love and crave. It's got beauty to spare, with lush vocal sweeps and tinkling piano, and then it dives directly into the pits of hell with a devastating drop full of gnashing teeth and fiery infernos. Balance is the real champion here. You take the pretty passages with the venomous breakdowns. And the production quality is pretty epic. There is no doub that this latest single is going to go rocketing up the Beatport charts to join all its little monsterkittens at the top.