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Favorite ThisNoah D. ft The Grouch- Just Right (Ishe and Dodger Remix)

Published: November 15, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Nate Lappegaard, better known as DJ Ishe, has already claimed dominion over the city of Denver with his weekly Future Bass radio program on Hot 107.1FM. Now, he wants the rest of the country. Teaming up with fellow Beta resident Dodger, the pair took on a huge tune, Noah D.'s "Just Right" feat. The Grouch, for the SMOG remix contest. While the track didn't end up winning the contest, we're all winners, because it's yours for a free download right here on Fresh Beatz. Ishe will be bringing his future bass sound to the Bluebird Theater tonight for Elm & Oak's TWIST, featuring ProtoHype (also on Fresh Beatz this week), and Raw Russ. Expect tons of dubstep, trap, and futuristic weirdness courtesy of these three bass-slingers. And catch Future Bass Radio every Wednesday night from 9-11pm MST on Hot 107.1 FM in Denver, and at