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Favorite This'No rest' for Bass Physics, grab the FREE Cage the Elephant remix

Published: March 25, 2014
By: Steve Walter

The Bass Physics duo of A.P. Adair and Luke Sims is here to stay. These guys know how to throw down; hailing from Denver, Colorado, a place some would call the homeland for American electronic artists, including Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, and many more. These guys bring the live assault with their shows much like Big G. Of course they are up there mixing but there is also live keys and guitar to bring it all together. These two funky cats are keeping the dance floor live with their tracks, and now they got a new remix that has already become a favorite at their live sets.

The new Bass Physics remix, “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” originally by Cage The Elephant, has a funky feel to it, and progresses quite nicely. They take a song that already had plenty of soul, and managed to add that electro-funk sound. It adds that little bit of spice the club is going need to get to steppin’. If you aren’t moving to this remix, then you wouldn’t know funk if George Clinton slapped you in the face.

Bass Physics is yet to announce anything else for 2014. But, anticipation is high, and you can fully expect to Bass Physics to be getting to a location near you real soon.