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Favorite ThisNiT GriT: Technical Touch (Part 2)

Published: November 2, 2012

NiT GriT (Danny Beall) has come a long way since he dropped “Technical Touch.” This was over three years ago, and the burgeoning young star has continued to ooze meticulously melodic and painstakingly enticing anthems.

His newest release builds off this classic track, while continuing his limitless progression. “Technical Touch (Part 2)” enters its listener’s thankful ears drums with divine violin tones and pulsating percussion, painting a blissful and haunting scene. Beall flawlessly juxtaposes overarching electro tones with earth shattering dub womps, combining to create some of his best work to date. Each synth note effortlessly shifts the listener’s conscious and current state of mind, diverting their attention from all earthy distractions.

NiT GriT produces another heavenly masterpiece with melodic tendencies throughout. Heavy enough to have you going all out, yet calm enough to ease a distraught spirit.

Tags: Dubstep