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Favorite ThisNiT GriT - Purple

Published: February 25, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
With the heaps of praise and accolades being thrown his way beginning in late 2009 and certainly well into the summer of 2010, Danny Beall could have just stopped progressing. His Synthetic Heaven EP was a goldmine. A couple of classy remixes cemented him as the west coast master of melodic dubstep. But Beall evolved. The NiT GriT sound has been a work in progress since his first tracks started hitting the web. There's still that bass-driven intensity, and those unmistakable drums, but the ground he's covered far surpass the boundaries of dubstep and even bass music.

"Purple" is a new landmark in the growth of GriT. Fiery but groovy; melodic but not cheesy--Beall knows how to skirt the lines between pandering and posturing, and steers the ship directly into soulful, genuine territory. NiT GriT's music has always had a dark, searing passion, but that doesn't mean it's not dance music. The move into purple is a demonstration of his ability to go sensual and textural, because we all know he can drop the hammer. This excercise in lyricism is fundamentally a fanfare of the impending insinuation of NiT GriT into the fabric of American EDM. You'd be silly to miss him as he continues on his No Antidote tour with the boys of Two Fresh--dates are available at

Tags: Dubstep