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Favorite ThisNiT Grit gives away 'Malfunction'

Published: December 11, 2010


NiT GriT keeps rackin' up the numbers.  Since he surpassed one million plays on SoundCloud, mega dubstep producer Danny Beall has decided to offer up 'Malfunction' for free download.  The track is a descent into the world of chipstep, featuring 8-bit beeps and boops superimposed on the signature NiT GriT slash and burn drumline.  Think Sonic the Hedgehog rolling through his hometown collecting coins after Dr. Robotnik has razed the countryside with a napalm blast.  Geeky?  Yes.  Charming, danceable, and fresh?  Always.  Stay tuned to for updates on this not-so-underground-anymore force NiT GriT.

To download the track, click the down arrow to the right of the waveform.

Tags: Dubstep