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Favorite ThisNiT GriT - Give Up

Published: August 2, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
Over the past three years, NiT GriT has gone from underground sensation to national headliner. For any young producer, artist, or person, in general, that kind of meteoric rise to stardom is going to require a helluva lot of introspection to truly process. For Danny Beall, that sort of reflective growth has hopefully put an end to a period of creative drought--and this is all a true artist being hard on himself, ask a fan and they'll tell you he's been kicking as much ass always. That being said, NiT GriT is moving past an inspirational blockade with a work in progress, "Give Up," brimming with all the meaning you could heap on two words. Whether it's about letting go of the past, or truly embracing feelings of pressure, depression, or solitude, the music still packs a powerful message, and contains the signature sound Beall has crafted over the course of his short career. Moving into a midtempo zone, melody is still king in his art. Don't consider his message one of foreboding, but one of rebirth.