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Favorite ThisNew Track from Frequent-C of Slim Thugz

Published: June 28, 2011

Cody Yozipovic of Slim Thugz, better known as Frequent-C, is trying to turn June into the month of prolific output. Following up his collab with Candyman on the "Look at Me Now" remix, Cody Y has shifted back to his patented "jazzstep" sound for a chill breather that gives his musicality room to work. "Oceans" swells and crests patiently. This isn't a drop-oriented tune like so many of the day. His synth work is both melodic and driving, not relying on the smooth, hip-hop beat to carry the rhythmic load. Full on bass warbles follow the sine curve up and down, without ever blasting the listener off the couch. Maturity, above all, abounds like the seas with this cut. To be enjoyed with smoke and shrimp on a beach--rocky preferred, but sandy will do in a pinch.

Frequent-C - Oceans