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Favorite ThisNew Track from Beard-o-Bees (Jesse Miller of Lotus)

Published: September 26, 2011

With his band's critically-acclaimed eponymous release out just a week on SCI Fidelity, Lotus's Jesse Miller is already back in the beat lab, churning out tunes for his Beard-o-Bees project. We've already heard some dark, twisting psychedelia, and uptempo synth bangers, but the new one, "Hone," has a decidedly bass-heavy edge, fusing hip-hop and low end sensibilities that result in an almost Eliot-Lipp-like track. Showing a new side to his sound, Miller's craft is on the rise (it would be in poor taste to say he's honing his skills, and the direction that this project takes is anyone's guess.

Beard-o-Bees - Hone

Tags: Livetronica