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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 34

Published: October 31, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

Hey all, sorry I don’t have anything clever or topical for this week’s intro! There’s just nothing going on…no holidays or celebratory periods of this current season. Hmm…Oh well, maybe I’ll think of something to say next week. Enjoy!

1. “Corner Pocket” - 12th Planet

I love huge drops. I love dubstep drops, I love huge electro drops, I even love dropping your toothbrush in your toilet when I came over last week to watch TV. That’s why I love this new track from 12th planet. The drop caught me more off guard than when I saw you brushing your teeth with that same toothbrush a few hours later.

2. “Beavis and Butthead Theme” – Fast Nasty

With the return of 90’s idiot heroes Beavis and Butthead to television, I thought what better way to help welcome them back than with some ridiculous bass music?

3. “First of the Year” - Skrillex (On MTV’s Beavis and Butthead)

This made me laugh so hard I actually considered turning on MTV. But then I realized how crazy insane that was.

4. “Hellraiser”- ill-esha

Did you seriously think I wasn’t going to reference Halloween at least once in this week’s picks? You are so crazy! But seriously, that’s the only one. No more Halloween references.

5. “This is Halloween” - Figure


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