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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 31

Published: September 15, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

Summer, our time together was simply divine while it lasted, but with a bittersweet smile that’s more bitter than sweet, we must press on into Autumn, and to your fall. Such is the human experience, change must come for nothing may stay the same. Well, except for a few things. Here’s another Natty’s Picks of the Week! Woooo!

1. “Crusher”- lespecial

With everything going on in this song, you’d think it would need something fuller than the lo-fi blip sounds of 8-bit wobble to hold it all together. But somehow this Boston trio makes it work, letting their sound open up to somewhere closer to freak-jazz.

2. “Alien Communication” - Nick Bliss

Ah, Nick Bliss. You sure know how to turn moments of peaceful bliss into huge lumbering beasts. Or at least that’s what this sounds like anyway. The track is a reworking of one his very first songs, which begs the question, “What did this sound like before?” My guess? Lumbering beasts, but just less so.

3. “Perfect Day” - Cassettes Won’t Listen

Just an absolutely gorgeous cut from Brooklyn’s finest, Cassettes Won’t Listen. Electro-feel, with warm synths and a shiny drum beat makes you want to stay in bed hitting play all day. Perfect.

4. “Perfect Day” - Cassettes Won’t Listen (Savager Remix)

Now take a listen to the remix. Savager said he wanted to see if he could turn the song’s original up-beat feel into something different. Mission accomplished because this makes me want to stay in bed and cry all day. Still perfect.

5. “Illuminated” -

Utter hypnosis and joy abound in this drowsy, narcotic tune from Deepbleep recording artist He calls it Dillastep, but I think with a sound this unique he can go ahead and call it

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