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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 30

Published: September 1, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

This week’s pick focus around Deepblip Records in Detroit. Home to artists like Freddy Todd and GRiZ, Detroit has returned to its history of being a fertile breeding ground of terrific, important electronic music. Check them out!

1. “John Doe” - Origami Pyramid

With the Oakland duo’s new album coming out soon on Michigan’s Deepblip records, longtime collaborators slowpines and Joe Mousepad have figured out how to make bass blasts both lush and terrifying.

2. “Sixty-Forty Clown” -

On this slow burner of a track, turns beat music into something more fractured, something more compelling. It’s like seeing yourself in a broken mirror, but also, you’re surrounded by beautiful people listening to amazing dance music. Maybe that metaphor wasn’t so great.

3. “After Dark” - Shadow Attack

Ready for an onslaught? Plug in your headphones and grip your desk, because this music is going to blow your ass through the wall. Woah, sorry to get so vulgur, you ass-butts! Ah, damnit.

4. “Heat” - Jaws That Bite

I’ve featured this guy before, but once just wasn’t enough. On this intriguing down-tempo cut, stuttering synths and delicious bass bends trade places and eventually build to a crescendo without ever losing its cool.

5. “Free Information Society” - Duktap

There’s something dark here, something sinister at work. Kalamazoo, Michigan artist Duktap is cooking up something frightening and intense here, like a witch’s boiling cauldron or a sorcerer’s….sorcery textbook?

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