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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of The Week - Volume 28

Published: August 5, 2011

 By: Natty Morrison

Greetings again, and welcome back to Natty’s Picks of the Week. Apologies for the lapse in coverage last week, my band has been hitting the road, destroying hotel rooms left and right (thanks Roadway Inn, in Covington, Kentucky!) But I’m back with plenty of bass music, tech house and a few oddities I can’t quite describe. Enjoy!

1.       “Human” - Savage ft CTB

It’s a common feature of dubstep songs to rush the build and the drop. So it’s admirable to hear Savage exercise self-control here. But once that drops come, expect anything but self-control. This is one heavy mother. 

2.       Nyctophobia” - Nick Bliss

For those of us who aren’t psych majors, Nyctophobia is a fear of darkness. And now thanks to Nick Bliss, I’m afraid of darkness AND amazing glitch hop beats. Thanks a lot!
3.       “Rock N Roll”- GRiZ
Another incredible track from my favorite up-and-coming producer, hands-down. 
4.       “Locked”- Four Tet
A slow, brooding, rhythm-heavy composition from Four Tet. For those of you who don’t know Four Tet, aka Kieren Hebden, be sure to check out anything from the albums Pause, There is Love in You, or Everything Estatic.  And then be sure to slap yourself in the face, as punishment!

5.       “Bounce2This” - Jasper
On July 29, the electronic music scene in the Midwest lost a great friend, ally and rising star. Eric Jasper’s melodic, head-nod inducing bass music has been on my plate for months, and I was truly enjoying watching the young man grow as an artist and contributor. He may be gone, but his music still remains.
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