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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 27

Published: July 21, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

It’s so hot. Too hot. In fact, it’s too hot for me to make any sort of comparison between how hot it is outside and how hot this week’s picks are. Hey, I kind of did it! Oh god, it’s too hot to talk.

1. “Say My Name” - MT Nasty

One of the more talented producers in the Midwest, MT Nasty (aka Michael Trilus) is still somewhat unknown. As someone who has seen him unleash his wild beats, in the flesh, I will repeat myself: Someone make this guy famous already.

2. “PUh PuH PoWA” - The Car Thief

This short track rolls in like an ominous fog, with dark air pads and a nervous energy that may make inexperienced listeners uncomfortable. But persevere, because before you know it you’ll be basking in the light of bass. Glorious, glorious bass.

3. “Euthanizing A Dream” - NiT GRiT

Though the cut dropped over a month ago, this song has not left my car’s stereo system for the past 4 weeks (hey! That’s a month!). Incredible use of dynamics, and swelling ocean sounds make this song a perfect choice for a midsummer night’s drive.

4. “Yonkers” - Sick Nifty

A few weeks ago, I called for someone to remix “Radicals” by one of my favorite young MC’s, Tyler, The Creator (sorry Young MC! You’ve been replaced). Well I didn’t get any responses (yet) but I did happen to find this tasty overhaul of Tyler’s breakout single from the 2011 album “Goblin.”

5. “Radicalz” - Amp Live

Well, well, well…while I was searching through Soundcloud I came upon this: a remix of the Tyler, The Creator song “Radicalz.” One quick question: WHY DIDN’T ANYONE EMAIL THIS TO ME? This intriguing remix veers into the realms of something called “hipster jazz,” although you can probably just call it “jazz.” Great breaks and swelling horns star this cut, as does the interesting take on the original song’s downtempo interlude.

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