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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 22

Published: June 8, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

Welcome back to Natty’s Picks of the Week, thanks for sticking with us through the commercial breaks. We’ve got plenty of goodies this week: Elephants, hobo bindles, steel plated bass drops and the world’s tallest Throwdown Master, all this week on Natty’s Picks of the Week. Did I mention the word “week?”

1. “Pink Elephants on Parade” - Bassnectar & Daladubz

Remember that scene in Dumbo where the little dude trips balls, and you got the shit scared out of you by all the marching elephants? Well, now it’s an awe-defining dubstep cut that will make you want to score whatever Dumbo is holding.

2. “ISAM Live” - Amon Tobin

Though electronic shows are known for trippy light displays, the bar has just been raised, thrown into a hot air balloon and flown to the stratosphere with the coming debut of Amon Tobin’s incredible ISAM show. The stage set-up’s centerpiece is a towering set of digital faces and boxes, that create an inconceivable array of visual mindfucks. Guaranteed to leave you slack-jawed and sockless.

3. “Long Way Home (Sample)” - Hobotech

Jon Marguiles, aka Hobotech, has hit the scene once more with another healthy dose of his old-timey/future beat style. Mashing up slippery electro beats with raw vintage samples from early 20th century blues and Americana, Marguiles is making retro sound modern and making The Great Depression sound like a party. Be sure to check out his new 55 minute set full of even fresher old sounds.

4. “Metaroid (Clip) – Metabolic

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the heaviest bass music known to both man and machine.

5. “Bomber” - NiT GRiT

Tell me you saw this coming. You didn’t really think I wouldn’t put this on here, did you? Silly readers.

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