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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 20

Published: May 18, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

Hey there folks, and welcome back to Natty’s Picks of the Week. I usually start out with a couple jokes, but this week I’d like to be serious. Did you know that every day, a piece of rainforest the size of Montana is burned? Haha, just kidding, I don’t care about anything important. Here’s some dubstep and electro!

1. “Can’t Get Enough” - Horizon Wireless

I say it every week, but for all you producers, DJs and artists out there with tracks you want to get out, my email inbox is always open! I was lucky enough to get this tasty electro-house cut from Horizon Wireless (aka Harrison Waxzenberg), and I’ve since been rocking it non-stop. Kinda sounds like if Lionel Ritchie surfaced at SmartBar with a set of turntables and an endless supply of excellent samples.

2. “Oh My God” - The New Deal

I simply cannot stop watching this excellent cover of the classic A Tribe Called Quest song. Darren Shearer may have both the greatest sounding snare drum and the greatest hip-hop voice in the jam scene.

3. “Rolling in the Deep (Remix)” - Deathstar feat. MartyParty and Minnesota

I call this a dream team collaboration: three of my favorite producers get together to remix a song by my celebrity crush, Adele. If you’re reading this, I love you! If you’re not, can someone tell her I love her?

4. “Bout It” - Divine Element feat Dknow

Yet another amazing track from the always amazing label Simplify Recordings. This time around it’s Divine Element., with a smooth wobble bass that refuses to be a contradiction. If you notice, the guy in the back of the car dances to dubstep the same way I do. Should I try to copyright it?

5. “Laser City” - Photosynthesizer

I’ve said it before: sometimes you click on a track because it’s got the greatest name ever. Now, that doesn’t always mean what you’re about to hear is good, but in this case it is. Check out the wide array of laser sounds and hard beats that this talented, young up-and-comer uses. If you’re not dancing around your living room by the time you get 20 seconds in, I presume your pulse has stopped.

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