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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 2

Published: January 12, 2011


By: Natty Morrison

Welcome back to Natty’s Picks of the Week! Thanks to all supporting this page and site, and remember to tell all your friends about it. In fact, you should tell your enemies too. That’d really be stickin’ it to them.

1. “The Next” - Unlimited Gravity

First on the list this week is Unlimited Gravity. The track is called “The Next,” and that seems like a fitting title, as this guy could be the next big name in dubstep. This is a fairly chilled out track, with a mellow background melody that drips over the track like sweet molasses.

2. “Chip (Remix)” - Zeno

Next up is Colorado dubstep artist Zeno. According to his bio, “At age 3, he stuck a key in a power outlet. The rest is history.” This makes plenty of sense; when the beat drops it’s friggin’ electrifying. In this remix of a Doshy tune of the same name, Zeno mixes pure dubstep, chillstep and, for safe measure, some 8-bit chipstep.

3. “Month of Sundays” - Undersound

This mellow drum ‘n bass track comes from UK artist Undersound, and it’s got everything I love about DnB; hard, driving beats, scattered vocal samples and a propulsive bass line that floods the breaks and powers the track home. But it’s also got a soulful heart beating deep within its robotic skin. Keep an eye out for this guy; he’s going places.

4. “Nobot” - Inflect

Aaaaaand back to the dubstep. This one comes to us from the great plains of Nebraska, but the track is anything but flat. Inflect likes to inject his music with some of the hardest, grimiest dubstep known to man. But don’t be afraid of it; to paraphrase FDR, there is nothing to fear but whomp itself.

5. “Megazine” - Squarepusher

This week’s last pick is from none other than legendary artist/virtuoso/visionary/all-around badass Squarepusher. I’m not going to bore you with the details. Just push play.

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