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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 16

Published: April 20, 2011

1. “Control” - KTHULHU

I’m a fan of Eastbound and Down’s Kenny Powers. And I’m a fan of dubstep. And I’m a fan of anything that figures out how to combine those two things. This track has all three of these things, in droves. The bass is so hard it sounds like a power drill, but with so much precision you’ll swear it was pneumatic.

2. “Styles P, Method Man, Red Man, Bob Marley are all Chillin’ at Mochipet’s house for 420 with Freda Payne” - Mochipet

Sometimes you pick a song because the name sounds awesome. This would roughly be one of those times it worked out incredibly well. The samples all blend together so well, it sounds like it came out of some smoke-filled afternoon recording party. Um, can I come too?

3. “The Music Scene” - Blockhead

I mainly keep it strictly dubstep, house and grime here, but I’ve been non-stop bumping this psychedelic hip-hop tune for the past few weeks, so I figured, “Why not.” Don’t miss this astonishing video as well, that figures out how to ensure the two go hand in hand.

4. “Do The Astral Plane” - Flying Lotus

Certainly more in the vein of the above tune, some of that IDM/hip-hop/downtempo variety, but Flying Lotus takes it in a whole other direction, trading in his earthly stomp for a chance to escape somewhere in the heavens.

5. “Mind Metronome” - Elfkowitz

I truly love Simplify Records; they consistently put out the best and smoothest dubstep/bass music. So it makes me happy when I click on the Simplify Soundcloud and see a fellow so close to me geographically working with the label. Hailing from Chicago, Elfkowitz is about as dark as it gets. Huge bass blasts, synth out the wazoo. But somewhere inside there is a light, and that light pulls you from one end of the tunnel to the other, even if you can’t explain it.

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