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Favorite ThisMystral drops 'Audio Illusion' from Infinite Echoes [Merkaba Music]

Published: May 3, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Kalya Scintilla continues to feed the transformational community healthy doses of radical tunes via his Merkaba Music label. The latest comes from Los Angeles-based Aaron Powell, better known as Mystral. Powell's new five-track EP Infinite Echoes drops tomorrow, May 4, via Merkaba. Packing a psystep punch, and bringing fans of trippy bass music something to get excited about, the release is extraordinarily well-rounded.

Today's premiere, "Audio Illusion," matches the high-intensity battery of drums and bass with warm, melodic strings and exotic synth sounds. There is a sense of balance to this song, that continues cohesively throughout the album. Mystral is able to guide the listener into the heavier parts with lush, inviting songwriting. The yin and yang is strong with this one.

Buy Infinite Echoes EP on May 4 from Merkaba Music

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