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Favorite ThisMystral debuts his scintillating Sixis remix from his new album!

Published: December 15, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

MystralIn the realm of psychedelic bass artists, Aaron Powell stands out. The west coast act has been performing and producing for a number of years, and just today he released his latest album chock full of squishy, trippy, and elegant tunes, The Lemurian Experiment. This latest Mystral album takes his production prowess to new heights with a number of originals, collabs, and remixes.

One of those remixes takes on another rising star in the scene. Mystral tries his hand at “Mycolinguistic” from Ben Wyss a.k.a. Sixis. To our credit, we had both these guys on the inaugural edition of The Untz Festival this year. I keep telling everyone we know our psybass. Powell gives the song a melodic twist, opting to stretch out the musical fugues and get real playful with tempos, rhythm and overall structure.

The entire Mystral album is a must-hear for fans of the psychedelic side of the subsonic sound. Take the time to give it a few listens front to back. In the meantime, keep an eye out for new dates from the talend young artist, and if you're in Colorado, you can catch Sixis tomorrow (December 16) at The Fox Theatre in Boulder alongside Templo, Moon Frog, and Dream Walker. He'll have you speaking the language of the mushrooms, too.

Tags: Glitch