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Favorite ThisMystery cinematic dubstep producer Warden joins Buygore label

Published: April 23, 2015

By: Jordan Calvano

Warden is the sole guardian of the Source and will protect it however necessary, destroying all who stand in his way. Warden walks in the shadows. He moves and lives to the rhythm of the Source. He trusts the Source as his guide, and the Source trusts him to save us.

This might be not be your average start to an artist bio, but it’s all we know so far about Warden. The mysterious page appeared recently with a handful of anime-influenced videos and song clips that soon after disappeared, adding weight to whatever ominous developments were taking place below the surface. 

Earlier this month, we finally got a full song from this haunting and perplexing project, entitled “Visions of Night” and appearing as a free download on the Buygore Soundcloud. Like the Warden character itself, there is an undeniable war going on between the contrasting instrumentations throughout the song. Seemingly influenced by music out of a modern day Batman film, we are lured in with evocative and deep vocals that chant alongside foreboding string sections.

After over a minute of this, we are awakened by schizophrenic synthesizers and pounding drum work that revisits the days when heavy dubstep reigned supreme, evoking images of absolute chaos and both an external and internal struggle for Warden. We don’t know what to except next and to be honest we are still trying to process what just happened, but there is an apprehensive feeling as silence reappears that this battle has just begun.

Beyond his release on Buygore, Warden had also revealed his next offering in the form of another string heavy anthem entitled "The Minos."

Tags: Drum and BassDubstep