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Favorite ThisMux Mool delivers hip-hop perfection with Implied Lines

Published: September 26, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

Today we are pleased to feature the brand new album release from Brian Lindgren, better known to the world of experimental beat lovers (and fans of The Untz's perpetual tomfoolery) as Mux Mool.

Being an artist requires a lot of sacrifice. Most of the time, it seems, these sacrifices go unnoticed as we engage the art these people have created to share with us. For most, the sacrifices become too much and the channel of creativity is severed. For the few, the ember lives in a place where no alien wind can extinguish it.

Implied Lines is the first full-length release from Lindgren since summer 2014. Featuring 8 handcrafted instrumentals, we are treated to an exploration into the rhythms and sounds that have consistently inspired the Mux Mool project since the very beginning.

In a profile for artist collective/label Ghostly International, Lindgren describes himself as “An old-timey traveling musician with an M-Audio Trigger Finger instead of a guitar.” To me this perfectly encapsulates what comes through in the sounds of each new track on the album and in the rest of his studio releases.

Sympathy” opens the album with silky, pads bubbling over the low groan of an industrial atmosphere. Arguably one of the best aspects of Mux Mool’s music is the dedication to high-caliber beat production. Never lacking in simplistic style and undeniable knockability (yeah I made that up) I could sing praises over each beat on the whole album and “Sympathy” is no exception to the trend.

Monday” comes next. I feel it so hard. The limping gait of the drums pulling protesting horns into some sort of inescapable wasteland; Mondays in a nutshell.

Mux Mool - Implied LinesNever Go Home” seems to draw influence from close collaborators and tour mates like Michael Menert and Eliot Lipp. With the creative influence of his own, this track brings out a special quality in beat music that lyrics can never capture. The imagination is a powerful tool and music is the most potent fuel for engaging its potential. This track brings you along for one interesting ride if you are willing to tag along.

Sing Heal All” might be my favorite track on the whole album. It capitalizes appropriately on the beauty of simplicity. The message of the track itself is never overstated in the playful but serious arrangement of different percussion elements and textures. Everything blends together in a warm healing embrace, combatting the intense, soul-crushing doubt looming over artists everywhere.

This album creates an unfamiliar circumstance in the face of a solid mass of insistent trends in popular electronic music. It provides an alternative perspective on the endless possibilities of expression through beats and melodies as well as the value of this medium to the community of producers, DJ’s and fans who survive with the help of one another. Implied Lines tiptoes, as we all do, along the line between order and madness. The result is something truly unique. Explore for yourself over at the Mux Mool Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Facebook pages. Purchasing albums allows artists to continue supporting their dreams and working towards creating the soundscapes of the future. Do us all a favor and get yourself a copy of Implied Lines right here right now.

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