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Favorite ThisMuppet Punk debuts his Mr Jennings remix 'Down Low'

Published: November 16, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

CheevilleWe make no bones about our obsession with the steamcrunk master Mr Jennings. Richmond's own Conway Jennings has been a staple of The Untz's glitch-hop and Burner booty bass coverage for the last couple of years, and now his sound has evolved to entirely new realms. Earlier this year, Mr Jennings unveiled, Make It So, a high-flying EP with four barn-burning tracks. Now, he's enlisted a new crop of talent for Make It So Remixed.

The remix pack, which drops December 5, features up-and-coming talent very familiar to us. You'll be able to hear remixes from be.IN, Groove Status, and our ol' Wormhole pal Secret Recipe. These are acts running the bass gamut and giving Jennings' tunes a fresh sound you might not expect.

Today, however, we're premiering the remix of “Down Low” from another The Untz Festival alum, Muppet Punk. West coast producer Dustin Keller knows that Mr Jennings is all about fun and irreverence, and that really comes through in his remix, which is equal parts tongue-in-cheek fun times, and absolutely nasty crunkitude. This tune is an absolute riot.

You can catch Mr Jennings on The Untz-sponsored Chee and Moniker date in Charlottesville, Virginia tomorrow (November 17), which also features his remixer be.IN, as well as a number of dates up and down the mid-Atlantic with his merry band of party-starters.

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