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Favorite ThisMugsy brings a dark glitch sound to 'DangeregnaD'

Published: January 24, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Though Colin Garvey is a newcomer to the website, his dusty brand of space hop fits right in amongst our island of broken toys vibe here at The Untz. It's a moody, somewhat melancholy and mysterious sound that Mugsy brings to the table, but we're into that sort of thing—makes life more fun, eh?

Dropping January 27 on the Pacific Northwest label Danktronics, the new Mugsy EP, Masked Up, has a deliciously fiendish sound which would be perfect for a Firefly reboot that goes to Showtime and gets all explicit and bloody. Today's premiere, “DangeregnaD” takes what I want to say is a Busta Rhymes sample and fills it fulla lead at the saloon from Westworld.

We're starting to hear a groundswell of support for Mugsy, so it's probably time everyone paid attention. I know it's hard, because he's sitting at 666 Likes on Facebook, but go ahead and smash the "thumb's up" button.

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