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Favorite ThisMSD: No Forgo EP Review

Published: April 17, 2012

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It's easy for Americans to think that we're at the center of the universe, but it's hardly the case when it comes to music. The rock 'n' roll of the 60's was ushered in by the British Invasion. You couldn't shield yourself from the syrupy sweetness of Sweden's ABBA throughout the 70's. Dance music is no exception. Sure, Detroit and Chicago were hallowed grounds for techno and house, but the rise of the rave scene in the 90's was fueled by the Germans, the Dutch, and the British again. And then once more in recent memory, the Brits gave us dubstep, stimulating another swell in the popularity of dance music.

But one country that gets no respect in the dance community has been the source of some of its biggest influences in recent memory. There is no producer on the scene today who doesn't look to Daft Punk or Justice as the pinnacle of dance music mastery. So it comes as no surprise that one of dubstep's newest stars would also come from the jewel of Europa.

Pierre Novi is changing the bass game from the inside out. A skilled sound designer, his aim is to originate his entire sonic palette from the ground up. Using wholly unique pieces, his tracks capture the essence of popular dubstep, without feeling contrived or slipshod. Enter MSD.

His debut EP No Forgo is a tour de force of catchy hooks and brilliant production. Bringing on vocalists VDA and Simplify Recordings' grand dame Jillian Ann, MSD crafts the perfect pop song with a heavy edge. There's no doubting massive UK stars like Cookie Monsta and Flux Pavilion have been supporting his tracks. Jillian's sultry voice echoes over forlorn, bass-ridden, apocalyptic landscapes of dissonance and dreariness in "Quiet Riot," before soaring over pulsing synths and triumphant drum lines.

"Tell Me Why" and "Last War" are more straightforward. Blending accessible bass tones with hooks that latch on and don't let go is Novi's specialty. MSD is leading the entire Prime Dub roster headlong into pop music territory without sacrificing the allegiance of die-hards otherwise turned off by the sugary nature of Billboard-charting bass music.

No Forgo ushers in a new age for EDM Francophiles. MSD is the next generation of French producer--part pop icon, part exploratory pioneer. Only an LP stands between him and a lasting legacy.

Track Listing:

1. MSD ft. VDA - No Forgo
2. MSD & Jillian Ann - Quiet Riot
3. MSD - Tell Me Why
4. MSD - Last War
5. MSD - Interlude (Outro)

Tags: Dubstep