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Favorite ThisMr. Squatch: Hip Squatch, Kalya Scintilla helps big cats

Published: May 24, 2013

By Lisa Disinger


From the hands and beats of Mr. Squatch, electronic label Merkaba Music lays down a musical, altruistic, and energetic offering  at the feet of the felines worldwide.


Purrfectly downtempo, musical offering Hip Squatch creates an euphonic atmosphere that is energetically stirring in its contemplative ambiance. The intro to the track is slow and thoughtful; sparse chords are precisely placed among subtle pads and percussion, while a delicate, metallic melody blends into the flow. Continuously evolving, the track morphs into a tangible structure with a solid beat without losing fluidity. Infused into the groove, a touch of African chant gives Hip Squatch it's unique and distinct flavor while paying homage to Big Cat homeland. 


This downloadable package comes with an accompanying remix by label frontman Kalya Scintilla. His version of the votive amplifies the tempo, doubles the mallets, and  kicks up the sub to create a tribal ethnic spirit. Deep, roaring growls guide a stompingly primal beat, heavy with hand drums, and a four to the floor psytrance air. 


The proceeds from this album directly support orginizations dedicated to the support and conservation of Big Cats and other endangered animals. You can contribute financial alms by pouncing on over to the Merkaba Music Bandcamp page and downloading Hip Squatch, or by simply listening. Give your attention to the intentions set by these productions and send your own energetic help and offering to these beautiful and ferocious felines. 

Tags: DowntempoDubstepGlitch