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Favorite ThisMr Jennings pushes the envelope with his Make It So EP

Published: July 13, 2017

By: Kevin Sanders

Today's EDM scene has exploded past what its revolutionary roots entailed, and would now be nearly unrecognizable by the original standards of a 4x4 pattern for every track created in its infancy. Nowadays, this pattern still reigns king in many regions of the soundscape, yet in the subterranean scene it is a distant memory for many.

Mr JenningsMr Jennings is one such artist who has forged ahead beyond his heritage, and embraced a style so utterly unique that ubiquity is undeniably absent from his vision. The ridiculously wonky Make It So EP is the newest release from musical mastermind Conway Jennings, and is it ever out there. In what can somehow accurately be described as circus glitch-funk (a descriptor anyone in their right mind should not think possible), Mr Jennings has released the EP that would be the soundtrack to Dumbo if Walt Disney had hung out with Albert Hoffman.

Coming in at four tracks, this EP is surely one of the most incomparable auditory offerings that will come out in 2017, with each track staying in the style of the last, while still being nothing similar to the one after. If this is something that tickles your fancy in all the right places, be sure to look into one of the many Burning Man-esque events on the east coast thrown by his production company Party Liberation Front, which shows that this man is far from a one trick pony of one off beats.

The guttural and primordial sounds that emanate from this release are undeniably distinctive; yet still make you feel the need to move like nobody is watching. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll be hard pressed to find something that so accurately describes the indescribable insanity put forth in this impeccable musical dissertation.

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