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Favorite ThisMr Jennings adds 'Bounce Museum' to the Wormfiles

Published: October 3, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Mr JenningsHow unlikely is it that our west coast homies at Wormhole Music Group would select two artists in a row to contribute to their Wormfiles series who both call Richmond, Virginia home? Perhaps our Bay Area brethren are seeing the same that we are, that the mid-Atlantic is becoming a poppin' new spot for bass music.

Following up be.IN's smash “Tremors,” our old pal Mr Jennings adds “Bounce Museum” to the ongoing underground bass compilation.

A herky jerky halftime hellraiser, this subtle tune scrapes along with the requisite off-kilter stutter, but of course, Conway Jennings still has to inject his own kooky elements to this tune to make it work as only he can. Known for Burner booty bass and wild steamcrunk mash-ups, Jennings has an ear for anarchy, and loves to get irreverent with already irreverent sounds. The man just can't help himself.

It's a busy month for Mr Jennings' Party Liberation Front. With the ongoing Pyrocircus events, and all sorts of Halloween shenanigans, you're bound to see this guy around if you keep your ears and eyes peeled. As for our Wormhole family, you know they'll be adding more and more insanity to the Wormfiles. Mark my words.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepGlitchTrap