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Favorite ThisMr FijiWiji - Science Is Cool [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: June 12, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Next to Neil Degrasse Tyson, young Brendan Galdo might be the next biggest proponent of the coolness of science. By the way, it's pretty cool. If you don't believe us, believe Mr. FijiWiji. The 17-year-old production prodigy out of PIttsburgh has slowly crept to the forefront of the chillstep movement, spearheaded by all the talented acts on Monstercat, no doubt. We're tickled pink by Galdo's mature treatment of space and time, neither rushing a drop nor feeling any need to crest with the mightiness of a dreaded tsunami. Nope, he's content letting a piece flow and ebb and beckon you further and further along down the winding road in a tranch. It's not that Mr. FijiWiji is another young producer with a fluke hit--this is deliberate, focused, and cultivated talent just beginning to burst forth in grandeur.