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Favorite ThisMr. FijiWiji causes a stir with his Justin Bieber remix

Published: August 8, 2013
By: Becca Bradshaw

Mr. Fijiwiji, 17-year-old Pittsburgh native Brendan Galdo, has been getting a lot of shit these days for his recent remix “As Long As You Love Me” by r&b/pop troubadour Justin Bieber.
Via Twitter, Galdo asked fans, "Yay or Nay, regarding the remix." 2:1 votes supported the production, but also a plethora of deep-seated animosity. Bitter fans hammered Galdo about his artistic authenticity being dissipated, as well as, labeling him a “sellout”.  One follower in particular, going to the extremities of deleting Fijiwiji’s entire discography from his library because of it!

Undaunted and courageous chillstep pioneer, Mr Fijiwiji, stepped up to his mixers and sequencer on a soapbox, similar to the one trance deity, Zedd, recently stood tall on. Saying, No one changes the world doing everything safe. I strayed from the path, because I want to be different. I want to surprise people. I want to be original, not just another artist who follows the industry.”  Fiji is building the bridge, uniting through the ability to create and share a feeling, through music, regardless the genre, audience, or artist.
Deep, captivating echoes shadow Bieber’s sensual vocals, followed by deep bass filled drumbeats and harmonious layering. Next thing you know you’re moving to the beat and that’s Mr Fijiwiji’s recreation of Bieber’s hit single “As Long As You Love Me.” It's your for free--if you dare.