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Favorite ThisMr. Bill - The Enabler & The Enabled [IRL out 3/21 on SectionZ]

Published: February 17, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Change is a brewing in the Bill Day studios. The prolific Australian producer is on the verge of releasing IRL on March 21st via SectionZ Records, and Mr. Bill is pushing himself to new melodic heights with this single from the album, "The Enabler & The Enabled." The minute glitch-work is ever-present, but what really blows us away is the stunning melodic slant. Call it future funk or IDM or whatever you want, it's doesn't blast you away with bass, as much as it crawls into your brain like an earwig, planting itself there, insidiously playing on a loop when you're trying to shovel the sidewalk. SectionZ's Josh Hernandez has an ear for talent, and we expect Bill's breakout success to stem from the same place Savant finally cut loose. Pre-order the album, and you can have it a day shy of the Ides of March!