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Favorite ThisMr. Bill & The Noisy Freaks - Satellite Slum [IRL out 3/21]

Published: March 18, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Few releases are exciting us more than the impending Mr. Bill album, IRL, which officially drops this Friday (March 21st), due in no small part to the fact that Bill Day has got the glitch-hop game by the short and curlies, but also because this marks his first release on SectionZ Records, the label partially responsible for the meteoric rise of a certain Savant. While it's true the glitch is on point, IRL, actually marks a departure in the traditional Mr. Bill sound. Refrain from getting your knickers in a knot, the man's meticulous vocal edits and powerful bass swings are in full effect, but the album has a distinctly French house meets nu-disco meets a meat cleaver in Bill's basement kinda feel. Essentially, we see Mr. Bill's fanbase widening even more, as the uninitiated are invited in to partake in the wild machinations of a madman with a method.

This particular creation, "Satellite Slum," comes courtesy of The Noisy Freaks, as well, who reached out to Day as he was in the midst of preparing for IRL. While he wasn't sure that the collaboration would fit the overall aesthetic of the album, the quick back-and-forth between the acts resulted in a tune that had both the right amount of bounce, but also the accessible sensibility that winds its way throughout the album. The Freaks got real freaky with Mr. Bill on this one!