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Favorite ThisMountain of Youth gives 100% of EP proceeds to Water Walls For Africa

Published: April 25, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Mountain of YouthTurns out one of the biggest breakouts from the Do Lab's Coachella stage is an old friend of us here at The Untz. Bay Area producer Liam Shy has been involved in the electronic music scene in California for years, but his new project, Mountain of Youth, is finally garnering him the attention he deserves. The tropical and soulful house he's been serving up has gotten support from Thomas Jack among others, and today we're proud to premiere his latest EP.

Malawi Shake is not only an addictive pairing of the title track and B-side, "Mozambique Bounce," but an incredibly generous charity project, as well. Where tropical house DJs turned to the sounds of the islands to cultivate their sonic signature, Liam Shy looked to Africa for inspiration, and this package of tunes combines the sounds of the Serengeti with hypnotizing house grooves for a totally unique feel.

Beyond the incredible musicianship behind these tracks, there is a fantastic philanthropic pursuit. All the proceeds from this album will be directly given to Water Wells For Africa, a non-profit dedicated to providing clean drinking water to those in need. Not only can you enjoy these songs, you can also feel good about making a difference today. That's a win-win.

Get Malawi Shake and support Water Wells For Africa!

Tags: House