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Favorite ThisMORiLLO channels a hip-hop classic for trap anthem 'Polar Bear'

Published: December 20, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

MORiLLOThe cool thing about being a couple generations down the line from the birth of hip-hop is that we're starting to hear hip-hop classics covered, remixed, and honored with a brand new crop of hungry artists. That means that the stuff that the original producers sampled is now being reflected in an additional iteration, and the results take us even further down the rabbit hole.

Take this new monster of a tune from MORiLLO, for instance. Inspired by a dream, “Polar Bear” takes an iconic hook and turns it on its head. But we gotta go back a little bit to figure out where this gem comes from. For the Pharoahe Monch classic “Simon Says,” the big brassy intro from Akira Ifukube's Godzilla vs Mothra score is lifted and then chopped into that addictive hook we all know and love.

MorilloZach Morillo for his tune went ahead and re-recorded that crazy horn line, and then spun it into his bhangra-meets-bass monstrosity that is no doubt going to be a darling of the upcoming festival season. The eastern elements give way to a trappy thumper, and by the time we get to the climax, all hell has broken loose. Another nod to the giant rubber lizard.

Fans will see this massive tune set to some adrenaline-pumping highlights courtesy of GoPro, who selected the tune for their 2016 retrospective sizzle reel. And you can also see him drop this bad boy live when he tours the northeast with Troyboi and Ekali in February.

Troyboi & Ekali with MORiLLO

2/22 Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street Nightclub
2/23 Clifton Park, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall
2/24 South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
2/25 Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall

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