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Favorite ThisMoon Frog masters the art of uplifting downtempo

Published: April 17, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

Fans of downtempo tunes in Colorado know the name Moon Frog very well. Bartow Mills has made himself a known entity in the Boulder and Denver scenes from high-profile gigs alongside some of the best in psybass, global glitch, and psychedelic midtempo. Whenever the big names come to town, you can be sure to find Moon Frog on the bill.

The same thing happened nearly a year ago when Mills hopped on a bill with Desert Dwellers at the Boulder Theater, and the rest, as they say, is history. Moon Frog impressed the guys so much with his lush orchestrations and hang drum proficiency that they signed him to their Desert Trax label.

Today, Standing On Ceremony has been released to the public, and fans of the Dwellers are over the moon (pun intended) for Mills' new album. Covering nine solid tracks featuring such standouts as “Woke Me,” “Missed You,” and closer “The Letter,” this new studio effort is perfect for fans of Random Rab, who also pens uplifting, emotional tunes with smooth vocals that fit right into the surrounds.

Coming off a performance last weekend at Lucidity, and with another big summer schedule on the docket for Moon Frog, we see this new album as a big leap forward for an exciting young artist.

Get Standing On Ceremony now, exclusively on Desert Trax's Bandcamp for 2 weeks!

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