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Favorite ThisMoon Boots - Reboot Mix [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: January 27, 2015

By: Ali Van Houten

Moon Boots’ latest release, the cleverly titled Reboot Mix, kickstarts the New Year with a unique brand of house. Coming in at over an hour long, the mix seamlessly slides through a variety of styles, from old-school house to the disco that inspired that early house music.

While the retro house vibe dominates the mix, it complements the other styles rather than overpowering them. The pulsing rhythm commingles with the more futuristic, forward-looking tunes to create an eclectic, energetic mix.

The vocal samples throughout are reminiscent of classic 80's house, but Moon Boots throws in surprises here and there, like a funky piano instrumental and a dose of shredding electric guitar that segues into an almost moombahton-ish rhythm backing John Barera & Will Martin’s “It's Alright.”

The surprise track is Moon Boots’ remix of breakthrough artist George Maple’s “Talk Talk,” and that’s not the only international artist he includes in the mix. The American also draws on the European house scene, featuring a Bicep & Midland collab, as well as a Prosumer remix, to name a few.

This mix is not to be given the boot by anyone who can dig some classic house vibes.

Tags: House