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Favorite ThisMoniker's 'Prime Directive' is to shred your speakers.

Published: January 23, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

The Untz Festival 2017 Phase 1Every damn week. Jacob Tullos and Brandon Reid continue their monstrous streak of mega-hits for Moniker Mondays. The Knoxville-based duo has been dropping a new tune each Monday, and all of them stretching back 7 weeks have been certified killers. There's no question our heart flutters a bit when we think about the boys rocking the ThazDope Records stage at The Untz Festival in early June out in Mariposa, California.

This week, Reid and Tullos fire off “Prime Directive,” a more cinematic approach than the last few dance floor igniters. That same bulging Moniker sound is there, but more melodic and epic in scope, rather than straight up hype that always sets crowds ablaze. Instead of growing fatigued and running out of ideas over the course of this weekly release stretch, which has included tracks for ShadowTrix and Saturate, the Moniker aesthetic has strengthened in resolve—these guys are on a hot streak.

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