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Favorite This'Molasses' ushers in a New Era for Zoogma (and it's a funky one)

Published: November 23, 2015

By: Harry Levin

In the culture of electronic music, a live performance is something often overlooked. Yes, it's really cool to see Diplo and Skrillex stand on top of the table and mix in the next track, and the ridiculous lighting rig that accompanies main stage is always a site to behold, but unless you're watching A-Trak or Craze display their mastery of the turntables, DJs just stand there. In fact, most of the time, one can't even say for sure what the DJ is doing, which is how some "DJs" who will not be named get away with spinning prerecorded sets.

One electronic music group that is not willing to sacrifice the art of performance is the electronic hybrid, Zoogma. In fact they are so dedicated to their live show that they haven't released studio music in quite some time to focus on touring.

"For years people have asked us 'WTF is ZOOGMA?', and we usually answer in the form of a performance" noted the band in a statement.

However, after such relentless touring accompanied with the performing of unreleased material, the fans began to beg for more Zoogma they could enjoy at home.

Thus comes the release of "Molasses," the first single off their new EP, and the most requested track of the band's live repertoire. Yet, Zoogma still found a way to incorporate their passion for performing into this release by putting out a music video with the track as well.

Look for "Molasses as a free download, but before you watch the video here are some words from the band.

ZoogmaMusic is often like a time capsule. Listening to different records may remind us of specific place in time. It can often take you back to a particular moment in your life or paint a picture of events that you may not have actually experienced­­yet feel as if you have. Our last three records all painted a picture of us at a certain time. Each of the three have allowed us to evolve into the band we are today by building on the past while looking ahead. Our latest EP, New Era, takes much of what we have done in the past with live instrumentation, sampling, and studio production and fuses the techniques together in a unified concept.

Stylistically the genres we're working with are some that have always been a big part of what we love to play and hear. Throughout the record you have these type of things happening (studio­based production and live­instrumentation). It's not something that's necessarily groundbreaking, but it’s a nice balance of the two­ elements that feels right for the band both in the studio and on stage. We've always been a band that tries to stay true to who we are while incorporating new styles and sounds. This is a New Era for us, and it's a snapshot of our current lives through music right now.

New Era will be released in mid-December.

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