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Favorite ThisModestep: Evolution Theory Review

Published: February 11, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Anticipation is often a double-edged sword. At times, it's exhilarating, while at others, it’s more like a stinging pain that won’t disappear. The haunting anticipatory period building up to the release of Evolution Theory sat somewhere in between, leading to night sweats and countless sessions with psychiatrists. While some are just now receiving the good news of Modestep’s debut LP, others like us have been waiting two grueling years for this momentous day, and it calls for an excessive amount of champagne.
Opening with the previously released anthem “Show Me a Sign,” your undivided attention is shifted towards “Another Day.” The ethereal chune effortlessly amalgamates Modestep and Popeska’s schizophrenic instrumentations with driving vocals, immersing your mind while leaving your frame thoroughly shell-shocked.
modestepThe album’s title track possesses an enticingly somber feel, coalescing continually fluctuating soundscapes with lyrical weaponry from renowned European hip-hop artists. An unforgettable trip down music’s memory lane, specifically focusing on grime rappers while mentioning artists like Bob Marley, Gwen Stefani, and James Brown.
“Praying For Silence” instantaneously grips hold of your senses with visceral live instruments and the jaw-dropping production of Document One. Modestep continues to prove their unrivaled take on live-electronica is 110% potent, bridging on an almost heavy-metal mentality.
“Leave My Mind” leaves jaws agape; let your eyelids flutter as hypnotizing drum ‘n’ bass tones mesh with Tony Modestep’s consistently hair-raising lyrics. “Take It All” injects pure adrenaline into your thrilled eardrums, highlighting the electrifying production and addicting vocals of the London based duo Koven.
“Saved The World” slows down the album’s pace, opening with mournful guitar sections, light snares, and heartfelt vocals. These elements flawlessly infuse throughout the groundbreaking track; building up towards a single high-energy drop, jam packed with unrelenting fervor. 
Modestep holds nothing back on Evolution Theory, exploring numerous genres and bodies of sound on each floor-rattling gem. Also worth digging into is the album’s deluxe edition, containing seven bewitching revamps from xKore, Smooth, Zomboy, Document One, M.J. Cole, Popeska, and Teddy Killerz.

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