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Favorite ThisMochipet releases 'You Can Steal My Laptop But You Can't Steal My Swing'

Published: February 29, 2012

From Mochipet:

"Hello all! I have some bad news to report. While I was on tour last week in New Orleans someone went into my bag and Stole My Laptop. I am trying to raise funds for a new laptop as it’s a integral part of my work and life. My friend Graz suggested that I put up a page with some of my music in return for donations, so I decided to make a 26 Track collection of my work that people have said they enjoyed in the past with a Brand New Unreleased Track (You Can Steal My Laptop But You Can’t Steal My Swing) that I made right before going to New Orleans. So Please download and enjoy the music and give what you can. If you can’t give, that’s OK too, just spread the word and re-post cause there is a chance the laptop could still turn up (see below). Feel free to download the tunes, as I find the best release for something stolen from you sometimes is to give something away you own… xoxo mochi"


Donation Album Page: